The Enigma Incident

From Egs Mayhem

In the summer of 2006, a new poster by the name of Enigma_Nova joined the Keenspot forums. He quickly gained a poor reputation for arrogance and aggression, as well as a support for pedophilia, racism, and other such things, and was denounced by many as a troll. Dan put up a poll asking Bunnies to vote on whether Enigma was a troll who should be banned, but to restrict any longer expression of opinion, with supporting links, to email. Despite this, discussion continued, with the thread quickly becoming a trainwreck.

To the knowledge of the Bunnies, Enigma was never banned, but merely left. The poll was unstickied, to the relief of those who thought it a damning piece of evidence against the friendly and light-hearted atmosphere they sought after in EGS Mayhem.

With the departure of Enigma, peace once again settled over Mayhem. However, word grows of a new threat that threateningly threatens to threaten the relative calm. The threat of evil zombie muffins from beyond the grave. Those blasted muffins.


Bunnies in favor of banning Enigma_Nova

Bunnies in favor of letting him stay

Indifferent bunnies


Bunnies who think this poll is a bad idea

Bunnies who voted in this poll mainly because they just like polls

Bunnies pointing out that this poll is for historical and archival purposes only

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